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What to Know About CBD Gummies and Alcohol

The cannabis plant has numerous naturally occurring chemical components, and one of the most abundant ones is cannabidiol. Also known as CBD, this compound is getting increasingly popular among medical and recreational marijuana users. Although CBD won’t get you high like its psychoactive counterpart, THC, some studies have found it may have other helpful properties. Nowadays, you can find CBD in numerous presentations like tinctures, oils, pills, creams, gels, beverages, candy, and gummies, to name a few.

If you’re looking to familiarize yourself with cannabidiol and its effects on your body, CBD gummies might be just the right product for you. Just like your favorite gummy candies, they come in different flavors, colors, and shapes, but they’re also packed with all the goodness of CBD. These treats are discrete, delicious, and easy to dose. Yet, to avoid any negative experiences or reduce the chance of adverse side effects, you must remain aware of the interactions they could have with other substances.

The Science Behind CBD

As mentioned above, cannabidiol — aka CBD — is one of the most plentiful substances in the cannabis plant. It allegedly offers numerous therapeutic benefits without causing the “high” feeling often linked to marijuana use. That’s perhaps why this component is so popular among those experimenting with cannabis products for the first time.

Although research on CBD and its benefits is still ongoing, it’s certainly promising. This chemical compound is said to help relieve chronic pain, anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder, inflammation, depression, insomnia, and more. Unfortunately, there is no conclusive evidence that Cannabidiol could ever fully substitute other prescriptions in the medical field. Yet, some argue this substance may be a good complement in the treatment of some common ailments.

CBD’s Effects on Your Body and Brain

Our knowledge of CBD and how it can be used to address a wide array of wellness issues is in the early stage. Yet, more and more research efforts are focusing on how this substance affects our brains and bodies. So far, studies suggest that cannabidiol impacts the endocannabinoid system by binding to proteins on the surfaces of our cells. CBD’s interaction with neurotransmitters and receptors is what allows this compound to alter the body’s reaction to certain triggers and influence the way the brain regulates pain, inflammation, sleep, appetite, etc. 

Why Do People Use CBD

The use of CBD is nothing new. Believe it or not, this compound has been was first used as a pain reliever in 2900 BC. More recently, scientists have found that this cannabinoid has other potential uses. Some of the most common reasons that people consume cannabidiol are:

If you suffer from any of these problems, CBD could become a great ally in your pursuit of a more comfortable lifestyle. However, you should still seek professional advice to learn how this substance can help you reach your health and wellness goals. 

Of all the ways in which you can consume CBD, gummies are among the most widespread — and for good reasons. They look just like your standard sweets, which allows you to take them with you pretty much anywhere and treat yourself without attracting curious eyes. Because they come in solid form, they’re mess-free — unless you keep them where they can melt. 

Much like any other CBD edibles, gummies release into your bloodstream at a slower pace than tinctures or vaping oils. While they may take longer to kick in, they also have a longer-lasting effect that can last for between four and eight hours. When ingesting gummies, you don’t have to worry about calculating the dosage — each portion contains the amount of CBD indicated on the label for added convenience.

What Happens if You Mix CBD Gummies and Alcohol 

Alcohol and CBD have similar effects on the human body. They both promote feelings of relaxation, which can reduce anxiety and help calm your nerves. Taking both substances together could amplify these effects and potentially increase drowsiness and sedation. A clinical trial where participants took 200 mg of CBD with 1 gram of alcohol per kilogram of body weight revealed the mix caused significant motor performance impairments and time-perception alterations. 

Unfortunately,  there’s very little research to confirm the health-related consequences of consuming CBD gummies and alcohol and the same time. Yet, some studies hint CBD intake can:

  • Prevent alcohol-related cell damage and disease
  • Reduce blood alcohol levels
  • Lower liver toxicity
  • Decrease hangover symptoms like nausea and headaches
  • Help in treating alcohol addiction

It’s important to know that the effects of CBD may change depending on the individual, so mixing this substance with alcohol could affect users differently. In addition, much of the current research on this matter focuses on heavy alcohol intake alongside cannabidiol. This leaves us with very little knowledge of the consequences of moderate or occasional consumption.

Consuming CBD Gummies Safely

It’s not advisable to take CBD gummies and alcohol together. Doing so may affect you in an unexpected way and lead to a negative experience. Even if you see others get away with mixing their CBD with a drink or two here and there, you should navigate the issue carefully.

When having CBD gummies, make sure you always know where they come from. This will guarantee they have a more uniform dosage and are not contaminated with other substances. 

Here’s Some Purchasing Advice

If you want to give CBD gummies a shot, make sure you get them from a trustworthy manufacturer every time to avoid nasty surprises. Some useful tips on how to get a high-quality product is:

  • Only buying gummies that are properly packaged and labeled.
  • Check to make sure they’re third-party tested.
  • Review the product’s certificate of analysis.
  • Look exclusively for US-made gummies. 

Final Remarks

Consuming CBD products is more common than ever before. However, you must always be careful with substance interactions to ensure you always have a good experience. Make sure you always get your CBD gummies and such from a reputable provider like CBD direct club. 

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